West Central Church of Christ

Tommy Thompson

Assistant Minister

Tommy ThompsonĀ was born in Eldorado, Arkansas. Tommy was baptized in the church at the age of 14 and has been in the body of Christ for 59 years. Tommy moved to the Illinois area in 1989 where he placed membership at the Centreville Church of Christ. While at Centreville, he served onĀ the Prison Ministries.

While living in the Illinois area, Tommy preached the Word and taught Bible classes for 20 years. Tommy has received certificates for Biblical Teaching and completed Bible Correspondent Courses from Eastside Church of Christ. While at Eastside, Tommy supported the weekly Sunday afternoon radio broadcasts.

Tommy received a certificate for Speech, Communication and Bible Correspondent from Genesis to Revelation sponsored by West Central Church of Christ.

Tommy has had the privilege of speaking at the Buckmaster Church of Christ, located in Alton, Illinois and the Logan Street Church of Christ located in Venice, Illinois.

Tommy became the Assistant Minister at West Central Church of Christ January 2017.